Tourist attractions near Bali destination

adminSeptember 16, 2014
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Tourist attractions near Bali destination – If you are planning a vacation to Bali Indonesia, then do not miss the opportunity to visit Gili Trawangan. Besides Bali, one of the sought after tourist destinations are Gili Trawangan in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. The island is included in Gili Indah Village, West Lombok district has immense […]

Maid Cafes in Tokyo

adminSeptember 7, 2014
maid cafe
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If you made traveling to tokyo don’t missed to visit a maid-theme cafe. In this cafe you will be serviced by a beautiful young lady sassy and sexy. Curious? About the food menu, Maid Cafe in fact almost the same as other cafes. Grain mostly dessert like cakes and beverages. But the appeal was her […]

Say Love with Clothespin

adminSeptember 5, 2014
love with clothespin
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Say Love with Clothespins So Sweet and So Romantic. Ssst you’ve got a message from a clothespin.  When two hook-flops suppressed, appeared a letter whose content writing: I love you. This uniqueness you can emulate as a suprise gift. Because this is a new trend to express your love. Nobody will be refused if received this […]

The best time to come to Kuta

adminSeptember 4, 2014
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The best time to come to Kuta – Holiday in Bali is not complete if you do not come to the Kuta Beach. This beach is also filled with tourists for sunbathing or surfing. But if you comes to Kuta Beach in the morning, Kuta Beach seemed personal property. Kuta beach can be regarded as a […]

Pandawa Beach another destination of travelling at bali

adminSeptember 4, 2014
pandawa beach
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Pandawa Beach another destination of travelling at bali- If you have a plan to go to Bali, there are another beach that must be included in the list of your visit during a holiday in Bali.  The name is the Pandawa beach, District of South Kuta, Badung regency. On the outskirts of Pandawa Beach benches lining […]